The Beauty In Chaos

by Mitch Primer

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Severin Gourley Music with an opinion, a strong perspective but more than that, a sense of the artist throwing themselves into each song, pouring the contents of their heart into each word until there's nothing left Favorite track: ... I Fell In Love Again.
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released June 25, 2015

Produced by Lachy Bruce
Guest vocals by Amelia Alice



all rights reserved


Mitch Primer Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Dear Pat
*In the American Summer of 2013 I met a wonderful lady by the name of Patricia. Pat suffered from depression and felt that her time on this earth was up. I was lucky enough to cross paths with such an amazing human and was able to change her outlook, attitude and views on everything that was getting her down. She is alive and doing well. Please, if at any point you feel you need a little support never be afraid to reach out. Family, friends, helplines, these are all accessible 24/7. You are never alone.*

Where are you going, and how long you going for?
Where I’m going they can’t hurt me anymore
Don’t wait up tonight, please don’t hold our breath
As far as I’m concerned, I’m already dead
Don’t you dare go off alone I’m coming too
Pat, You need me just as much as I need you
you said you just want to be by yourself
And all I ever wanted to do was help,
if that’s so wrong damn me to hell
If this is really what you want, then I’m going tie our hands together
so I can hold your hand as we both sink to the bottom of this river

I’ll always remember the look on your face when you told me you loved me
I’ll never forget the time when you said I’m the reason you’re smiling
I have a picture of you at the bottom of my drawer, it takes every part of me not to stare it at anymore

Where are you going, and how long you going for?
“Mitch, you saved my life and I hope that I changed yours,
They sent my home just last week telling me that I’ve just won the war”
Track Name: I Swear I'll Never Fall In Love
*Just another song about jumping the ocean for a girl for it to not work out. This comes across as bit of a hate song but truth be told our time together was great and I don’t regret a thing. Lessoned learned, Don’t give long distance relationships a crack.*

Just answer this one goddamn question; Do you love me or you still in love with him?
I’ll never forget that feeling that I had, the feeling of your heart ripped out your chest
I asked you to try quit smoking weed and not to drink so goddamn heavily
“But Mitch I know what’s right for me”
You said you’d never turn your back on something, on something that you love, I guess that I’m just an exception
You dropped out of college and you lost all your friends, you hit rock bottom and you’re smoking again, I swear I tried everything I could to help you, but you’re so stubborn with everything you do

I swear I’ll never love, I swear I’ll never fall as hard as I did then, But I can’t promise anything

I’ve been going out a lot lately, but more specifically I’ve been drinking a lot of caffeine and black tea, and I don’t know where this is heading, but it’s exactly what I need and I will never say I’m sorry, cause this shit right here this is my therapy.

I swear ill never fall in love, I’ll swear I’ll never fall so hard x4
Track Name: ... I Fell In Love Again
*Originally when writing this, I was going for a part II of “I Swear I’ll Never Fall In Love” and as I continued to write it seemed to take a different direction, a direction I was certainly happy taking. Those who know me know that I’m now a sucker for love, every second day I find myself calling up my sister telling her I’ve found the girl of my dreams. This song isn’t about a specific girl, I believe I combined all their stories together to avoid getting caught up in the Human rights and anti-discrimination acts haha*
I fell in love again for the third time this week,
but I swear this time it’s different
the way she looks at me, the sincerity and fire in her eyes when she says
I won’t be happy until I see every city burn, burnt down to the ground

She likes her beer and whiskey, she likes her tea and coffee, she likes everything that I like
she likes to go out alone, get drunk, make out she’s on the phone, as she waits for her friends band to start, fuck every man who feels the need to go ahead and touch me when I’m drunk and all alone

she says I’m different than the rest I said that’s good because I, don’t want to be like them,
she asked if I can stay the night and I don’t understand why, she only likes me when she drunk or high, “I have a lot on my mind and I’m willing to, share it all with you”

She won’t be happy until she sees every city burn
Fuck every man who feels the need to go ahead and touch her
She has a lot on her mind and she is willing to, share it all with me”
Track Name: Good News Everyone
*Back in high-school days there were a lot of male students who had the attitude of “When I finish school, I’m applying for the Army and going to fight for our country. I’m going to be a hero.” And even still today people are so blind as to what you’re put through, what you have to endure and reluctantly experience while you’re over there.. I guess my aim here is to just put everything in perspective and to not sugar coat it like you see on Defence Jobs advertisements.*

Good news everyone, I’m going to war today
For something that we don’t need, for something that I don’t believe in
If I make it out alive will my daughter remember me, will I be the local hero
will I see life so differently

Good news everyone, I called my wife and daughter
for the first time in 6 months, my daughter turned her mother and asked her
“Mum, who is this man that we skype from time to time and with a tear in your eye you tell him that you love him, gosh he looks a lot like me”

Good news everyone, I killed a man today
I took him from his home
I took him from his family, his friends and everything he owns
he looked me in the eyes, grabbed my hand so tight
but I spat in his face and let go and just left him there to die

Good news everyone, we captured a bunch of innocent kids
just to use as hostages to negotiate our way out of this mess we created
With our flag raised so high, we felt like kings of this world, but in the back of mind was the images of the faces of the men I killed.
Track Name: We Will Always Be Sixteen
*This is more a song about how I’ve changed since Russell’s passing and how my outlook on life has dramatically taken a turn since 2010. Russell has made realise that we really don’t have any idea when our time is up, and to live like it could be tomorrow. Don’t hold grudges. If you hate your job, find a new one. Always make sure your loved ones know that you love them... Life can be brutal, but it’s not waiting for any of us.*

I remember the exact time and where I was, when I got the phone call that you had died
You sold out your funeral, we all sat in silence, and I cry every time I hear 21 guns.
You changed my life five years ago today, I knew I could but I just shouldn’t stay the same, so I upped and left and I changed
Into a man that my family and friends and even myself would be proud of
but I’ve got nothing, nothing to my name

All our friends are getting graduating, starting families and getting married, and there’s me
But I had the guts to chase a girl across the other side of this world, it fun for a year ‘til it all fell to shit, but I’ll never regret what we had, the friends I made, the memories we shared, cause all good things must end.
I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, but if you’re around I really want you to know, that I’ll stay young with you forever. We never had all that much in common, except the fact we couldn’t talk to women, so I’ll just talk to you,

You and I will always be sixteen
You and I will always be sixteen
We will always be sixteen
We will always be sixteen
We will always be sixteen
Track Name: Work, Buy, Consume & Die
*It had been a hard few months for me, all these songs have helped me in some way, I was jobless for a while and couldn’t afford to leave the house and that wasn’t doing wonders for my mental state, all I had was a ukulele and a guitar and a bed even our internet was cut off. That’s when I wrote this, was so down on myself and felt like the world was against me, until I put everything in perspective. I realised I was incredibly lucky with what I had and the people I have around and that there are incredibly unfortunate people out there and here I am complaining about something that they probably don’t know exists.*

I’ve been throwing all my thoughts from my bed to my floor from my floor to my bed to the wall
and I don’t think about that much so when I do it feels like a lot and I’m too broke to even step outside. So I’ll stay home and write sad songs or go out and blow all my cash, either way I will end up depressed, cause I don’t want to be a part of the great Australian dream, the moment that we’re born we’ve had a set regime.
I don’t wanna work and then buy, consume and then we all die, doesn’t seem like an ideal dream of mine
If extremists keep on killing ignorant fucks will keep on spreading racial hate to those with the same colour skin, millions dying from poverty and not to mention the HIV but I just lost my high speed broadband connection